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Casia Home Top 10 Design Hacks for a More Chic Home!

April 18, 2023
Living Room Casia Home

The little things really matter when it comes to making your home feel stylish, modern, updated, and cozy. Here are some tips to help you bring new life to your home when you just want a little bit of change! 

(1) Hanging Curtains Higher

So many houses these days have 9 or 10 foot ceilings or higher. This can be a great asset if you know how to use it and one easy way is to raise your curtain rods. In a curtain hanging situation, curtains should only be hung immediately above the window only if there is another wall issue preventing you from hanging it higher (or very low ceilings). For best results hang your curtains 10” above the window frame or up to 24” depending on how high your ceilings are! Best to also keep your curtains no lower than 6 inches above a window frame if you can avoid it. This empty space is just what they eye needs to fully appreciate your window and window treatments separately. 

(2) Hardware

Desperately want to update your home and don’t know where to start? Always start with hardware! It’s So simple to change your knobs and pulls, not just in the kitchen and bathroom but also on your furniture. Pick a 2 color metal scheme for each room to be more modern (bronze/gold, black/gold, brushed nickel/white, and more) or brushed gold as it is not going out of style anytime soon. You can get knobs everywhere from your basic Home Depot, to fun designs at places like Hobby Lobby, Anthropologie, even Amazon! Just a google search can get you on the right track. And don’t forget, less busy and more clean lined will make your home feel really up-to-date!

(3) Texture 

Adding texture to an interior space is the one thing homeowners almost never do on their own. This contrast to the smooth textures we naturally have in our home adds interest, dimension and style! From a few nubby pillows to a vase with an obvious textured look and feel, to some texture on a side or coffee table. Just these few things can bring life to your space! 

(4) Greenery

Green, green, green! I love adding green to rooms. Life that plants brings life to our homes - even if that life is a fake plant! If you’re going real make sure you know which plants are safe for pets and what light conditions they need to grow in (Pinterest is great for this info!) and use a light hand. I like to keep it to 3 plants per room max unless there are a lot of built in shelves or your style is Bohemian. 1 tree and 2 smaller or even tiny plants can add just the right touch. But even 1 small plant in a room can elevate it.

(5) Dining Table

We all use our dining tables, whether they’re in a dining room, an open space, or even a breakfast nook. But, we sit, eat, clean up and move on. To create a more stylish home put decor on your dining table! It can always be moved for a big party, but choosing some decor that’s not too tall and goes with the style scheme of your home can really make a difference. Again, keep it simple, not too many items. For example - use a set of 3 different sized vases and only put floral/greenery in 1 of them, or buy 3 nice looking larger candle holders and line them up on a rectangular table. The important thing to remember is that it is NOT necessary to have a whole place setting on your table at all times for it to look stylish. That’s just not practical. Keep it simple and chic!

(6) Forgotten Nooks

Do you have a small entryway or a random nook with nothing in it except a few shoes? A wide hallway with no decor?  Add style to your home by decorating these spaces! Console table decor is a great go to for hallways and entry as you can do any size that fits your space and find endless inspiration pictures for how to decorate it online! Large artwork pieces lined up, or a gallery can also make a hallway or nook feel more friendly and sophisticated. For a window seat or nook consider the seating, add a bench, a comfy cushion and a bunch of soft throw pillows. Paying attention to these areas will make such a difference when your friends come over, and such a difference to your quality of life feeling a little more organized and a little more stylish and even more comfortable!

(7) Basket Hidden Storage

I’m all about baskets when they’re helpful, and in the right spaces they really are! From hiding toys and shoes to showing off magazines, throw blankets and extra pillows, baskets can be your friend. Choosing them however is a very important thought. Larger baskets look better freestanding. Lidded baskets give the cleanest look if you’re trying to hide an item, and matching baskets in the same space is your friend! Put 1 on either side of a tv stand. 1 or 2 in an entryway, and even 1 by a piano, in a bathroom for towel storage, and on those bottom shelves of consoles. They’re endlessly useful! Just remember, you Don’t need a basket in every room. Consider the organization aspect as well as adding that extra piece of useful decor.

(8) Less is More 

Everyone has knick-knacks, things that you’ve collected throughout your life, your travels, things with special meaning to you. The problem is that over several years these can collect to the point of being crowded. You’re not even sure where to put them anymore, and they don’t necessarily work together. When you’re trying to bring some style into your home the simple answer is to remove 1/2 of your knick-knacks. Try to keep only the ones that work together as a theme, for example: International Travel. Take the others to the attic, garage, or storage and perhaps change them back out again in a few years! You may need to add some simple pieces like plain vases, textured picture frames, and simple decorative bowls to keep your shelves or tables from looking too bare, but remember less is more! See our portfolio picks for for great imagery on knick-knacks and accessories in homes. 

(9) Rugs

Rugs are so important to design. You may feel like you can’t have it because you have kids, or you don’t need it because your furniture has pads. But have an outsider come in and just talk with you in these spaces with no rugs and you’ll realize not only do you need some sound dampening but rugs have a way of anchoring any room and making it feel homey! I love to use a rug as an anchor point in any room. It centers the furniture and provides a large indicator of what the room style is. Washable rugs are becoming more available too so don’t worry about those kids! Just make sure you use sticky pads on the bottom corners to keep it from sliding around. Rugs are stylish, useful, and cozy. Go for it!

(10) Pendant Lights

There are so many changes to the way decor is designed in 2023 just as there were in 2022. Larger lamps are in style, different styles of floor lamps, and ceiling lights can be confusing. But don’t underestimate what I like to call the “unexpected” pendant light. If you’re handy or don’t mind hiring an electrician, putting in a pendant or 2 over end tables or nightstands can take your room from average to extraordinary! It’s unexpected in the average home and often only seen in magazines, but I highly recommend it as you can change out the pendants just like other light fixtures for a different style in a few years if desired. I also love it because it frees up table space for decor, books, or just your reading glasses and a glass of wine! 

I am always happy to share these tips and tricks with my clients, and now I want to share them with everyone! Hiring a designer is the perfect solution for a whole room, for an update, or if you have no idea what your style is or where to start. But a few of these little tricks on your own can make a big difference too! 

Be Embraced by Your Home - Becky McClurkin, Casia Home