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Color For 2022

July 26, 2022
Color For 2022

Working with color can be confusing and downright stressful for some of my clients, but I’m here to help! Color is such an important part of a design and it really breathes when it’s chosen with care.

Never choose a color just to be “in style”

Whether your style is Mid-Century, Farmhouse, Classic, Eclectic, or Other your color palette should reflect your likes. Working with your designer you can dive into colors that you like, that make you happy, relaxed, comfortable. If you hate Pink then DON’T includes it. If Green is the only color that makes you feel relaxed then think about leaning into a green palette. And most of all, if that hot color of the season isn’t something that you love, don’t feel pressure to include it!

Trust Your Designer

We designers don’t want to create a room for you and you just live in it. We want you to feel it, enjoy it, be embraced by it for years to come! When your designer asked you for your favorite colors and least favorite colors, don’t be discouraged or overwhelmed. Finding just the right shades to make your room/home pop is what we do! We’ll work with you to define what makes you feel great in your home, and we won’t force a palette on you that you’re only feeling so-so about.

Bringing Color Choices Together

I recently worked on a project where the client was unsure about what color palette to go with. It needed to not clash with the current wall color, and include some spring colors, but not red. After chatting and going over the style Lookbook I made for her project, I zoomed in on blues and greens. I got even more insight when she showed me a picture of a hummingbird on Google that she really loved. The palette, in the end, was pale yellow, aqua, and just a hint of pastels, navy, and oranges. It may not sound great written out, but it ended up absolutely stunning in a beautiful dining room. Getting together to look through inspirations images, talking through likes and dislikes, and more really moved the process along and ended where we wanted to be!


That is the word I hear most when initially meeting with clients. Color and Style are a huge part of this! They see a picture in a magazine or watch HGTV then go out look for ideas themselves and quickly feel discouraged and overwhelmed by the multitude of style, decor, and furniture choices and how to make it all come together in a way they’ll really like! Hire a Designer, we’re here to make that Overwhelmed feeling go away. To take so much of the stress out! Just starting with color can make you feel like quitting, but talking things out, writing them down, and doing some initial layouts can get the process on the right track!

What’s hot for color in 2022?

Green! Experts analyzing global trends chose green in slightly different shades across all major brands including Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr, PPG, and more! These chosen shades are soothing green tones. After the hard years that we’ve been through, the decision on Green lends feelings of tranquility, relaxation, optimism, harmony, and hope. But while each company has chosen its shade for 2022 from Benjamin Moore’s October Mist to Breakfast Room Green by Farrow and Ball, those shades may not be right for your home. The right color may not even be green, but I look forward to a year of discovering great color with my clients and creating beautiful, embracing rooms in Augusta, Evans, Martinez, GA and Aiken, SC!

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