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Let's Talk About Hygge

August 29, 2022
Window Seat - Interior Design - Casia Home

Hey Guys! Let's talk Hygge. Pronounced "hyoo-guh" or "hue-gah"

If you've hear of it, the first work that probably pops into your head is: "cozy". And you'd be right. There's so much more too it so let's explore together!

In 2016 this Danish tradition was brought to the international world via several books, and Americans and the British went ga-ga over it! In both the design world and in our personal lives Hygge has become something to aspire to. Comfort, Relaxation, Coziness, and Wellbeing are some of the words associated to it and who doesn't want those things in our lives?

The way that I like to describe Hygge is "cozy contentment". It brings me thoughts on warm blankets, curling up with a good book, soft pillows, textures and fabrics, hot drinks, plushy things and feeling relaxed and cozy. . But what is contentment when it comes to your home? It's that feeling when you come home and you love being there. You might let out a small sign, hang up your bag or drop your keys and badge and immediately feel like you're in your favorite place in the world. Hygge to me epitomizes home. Denmark is one of the top 3 happiest countries in the world and a big part of that is their belief in Hyyge or Cozy Contentment. And the style of Hygge has come a long way from American’s spending cozier winters curled up by the fire to being incorporated into many design styles!

For example, The design craze of Farmhouse design the last decade has been fueled a lot by HGTV and jointly by our love of comfort. The idea of an old farmhouse makes some people sigh with contentment - and when you add Hygge values to it in the form of soft pillows, plush rugs, and the always needed chunky knit blanket - you get a more comfortable inviting Farmhouse style than you’ve ever seen! You’ll also find that Hygge elements fit nicely into new styles too such as Farmhemian, Modern Rustic, California Casual, Contemporary, and more. The more we combine styles to fit clients desires and needs, the Hygge and Cozy Contentment can come into play.

What are the elements of Hygge in a design? Let's start with that chunky knit blanket, Adding cozy throws to your room takes it from being presentational to be homey. Using soft white lighting instead of the “natural” blue bulb also lends that feeling of coziness, warm fuzzies, and a warmer outlook on life! And of course, the pillows. This is where you really have to get serious, inexpensive alternative fill pillows can look really nice at a distance, but when you need to snuggle? You want to jump into a pile of down filled pillows, lean up against 5 of them and get as comfortable as you can be because they mold to your body shape! (One of the newest sofa designs that leans into this Hygge value is the Scatter Back Sofa). Neutral colors are also a big part of Hygge in design. Neutral colors often make us feel more relaxed, from beige to gray to white, and that way you can feel like yourself! They also tend to make us feel calm and are easy for us to personalize with little pops of our favorite color.

Finally the best way to start incorporating Hygge into your home design is to create a space or a few spaces around your house that have a cozy nook feel and spend some time there to relax! Need some help to add some Hygge inspiration to your room design? Find me here in the contact form or give me a call or a text! I’d be happy to get started with your special home.

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