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Spa Day

July 18, 2022
Blue Velvet Nook Seating Casia Home

Let's talk Spa!

Recently my oldest daughter (9) has been interested in all things spa, from scheduling massages for the whole family, to doing manicures and pedicures, face masks and so much more that there is to discover!

But I want to delve into what Spa really means for us as homeowners and designers. I get many clients telling me key words and catch phrases that they want to describe their home, what they want it to feel like when they come home or enter a certain room. Every room has a vibe, a feeling that goes along with it. And with interior design the big “improvement” in your vibe is that you get to express your style and taste with some help and create an environment that you really want to spend time in! This is something that I talk about all the time, and one of my key phrases is “Be Embraced by Your Home”. That’s the goal!

The word “Spa” or “Spa-Like” is used so often by clients to describe a feeling of lightness with natural palettes, light wood tones, green plants, and the overall sense of light and bright that might bring cucumber water with it! A “Spa” room will relax you when you come in because it carries that light and bright color palette, comfortable but stylish furniture, relaxing artwork and just the right amount of decor, but not too busy. It may involve some real plants to bring the outside in, or for those of us black thumbs, faux plants to make it feel homey without the work! But mostly, it’s the feeling of fresh and relaxation that clients mean when they describe a Spa feel, so there’s a go-to design palette, and there’s the deeper step - what does spa mean to you?

Coming to me and saying “I want it to be spa-like” leads me directly to a certain look in design that I want to bring to the table, and it also means an immediate showing of images that have spa-like rooms in them. People can surprise themselves and realize that their version of “spa” is a little different, and some people start with the words “I could never do white, too many stains”. One thing that most people who say “spa” have in common is the desire for a little nature in their home. Every Spa design has features that are unique to you. Never forget that with a designer it doesn’t have to be cookie-cutter, and what is possible will probably surprise you!

I like to think of Spa as a beautiful outdoor room on your patio where you get the fresh breeze, sit in comfortable sophisticated furniture an enjoy nature around you. When it comes to bringing Spa in, I want to keep those elements, but make it cozier - a lovely ceiling fan, stunning wood grain furniture, an outdoor chair that is so comfortable you want it indoors, and more!

Does everything in your old room need to be ditched so that you can have a spa-like feel? Not always. For example: Some of your favorite decor items might fit perfectly into your new Spa room, but in a way you never imagined. Your husband’s favorite chair? Maybe we can make it work, or show him something even better and just as comfortable! Making each room unique to the client is what Casia Home is all about! So let’s Spa it up this year, check out of “New Year Brings New Trends” Blog for more on what’s hot this year (and probably next), and keep reading our blogs, we love having you!

Want a design that’s fresh and new? I can help! Just give me a call or use my contact form and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible to discuss your new project. I work with every room in the house from Kitchen and Bath to Living, Dining, even Custom Closets! Martinez, Ga, Evans, GA, Augusta, GA, and Aiken GA!

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